The Band

MellowPhobia is an alternative indie rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. The band began as a group of friends making music with a vision of creating music that would bring people together. Their goal is to use music to send a positive message – one that says ‘you are okay just as you are’ and that you shouldn’t let what other people think influence how you live your life. Because at the end of the day – everyone deserves to be happy and to feel loved.

The band engages diverse audiences by infusing elements of different genres, including post-punk revival and garage rock. These sounds and musical influences were prominent in their debut EP released in July 2018. Since their debut, they have opened for regional touring acts including SEASAW, Whitehall, and Of Night And Light. If you like bands like the Strokes and Catfish and the Bottlemen, you’ll like MellowPhobia.

Their hope is to open up peoples eyes to the possibilities that music can afford, showing people that anyone – of any status, or age, or physical ability – can enjoy music. There is so much to life and they believe community built through music can help when times are hard. Seeing people just hanging out with friends, and making new friends along the way is what makes them continue making music.

The band consists of vocalist/lead guitarist Kristian Hall, bassist Josh Krinberg, and drummer Oliver Hufford. Check out their individual pages below.